We offer high-end technical analysis tools which gives traders access to raw market data visualized in ways which can help provide a deeper level of analysis, and help in making timely, informed trading decisions

An edge over market

Unlike most of the strategies in the market, our indicators and strategies are forward tested and that helps traders to have an edge over other market participants.

Designed for different trading styles

The Alpha Research suite of indicators includes a wide range of tools, each precisely designed for different trading styles including intraday trading, swing trading, momentum, mean reversion, volume analysis, volatility analysis, and more.

Reduce noise, maximise profits

Our indicators provide all the information required and nothing more. By design Alpha suite eliminates noise from your charts and forces you to focus on meaningful information.

Our Flagship Product

Alpha Suite

While pursuing our trading careers we spent countless hours testing, refining and trading our strategies. The result is one of the most comprehensive set of 5 indicators available on TradingView. Our rigorous forward testing process revealed that our strategies can be profitable in all kinds of market conditions. The suit includes indicators that simplify the tasks like stock selection, entering a trade, setting stop-loss, and taking profits.

take your trading to next level! Explore Our Pricing Plans


1999 / Month
  • 5 Indicators made for a trader looking to get an edge.
  • Educational Videos
  • Access to premium options strategies
  • 24/7 technical support

You will not be charged anything if you cancel the trial within 3 days.



3999 / Quarter
  • All the benefits of Pro
  • Save more than 30% on discounted price
  • Early access to beta indicators
  • Personal support by experienced traders.

You will not be charged anything if you cancel the trial within 7 days.


9999 / Year
  • All the benefits of Premium
  • Save around 60% on discounted price
  • Access to premium educational videos
  • Free upgrades to all future indicators.

There is NO REFUND POLICY for this plan that is why it is advised to try our pro/premium plan first.

What our clients say ...

“Alpha Research's indicators compliment my current trading system by providing accurate signals. Their tools are robust and help me make split second decisions that ultimately improve my win rate."
Shubham Wankhade
From Pune, Maharashtra
“I’ve used alpha suite over the past year for my day trading and it has been a big factor in the majority of my decisions. I’ve used, given feedback, and tested all the indicators. Can’t recommend it enough."
Tejas Thakur
From Kota, Rajasthan
“I've improved my approach to entering and exiting trades with high confidence. Highly recommend the Scalping Suite to anyone looking for an added edge to their trading and strategy."
Krutika Agarwal
From Mumbai, Maharashtra
" I started using Alpha suite a few months ago, after I realized how valuable it is to have clear signals that you can integrate easily in your trading rules. My trading got better, with more wins and less emotions. Warmly recommend it, one of the few useful and smartly programmed indicators available.
Prafull Jaware
From Delhi